Unconventional Plug

Unconventional | un·​con·​ven·​tion·​al | : being out of the ordinary : supernatural | Plug | pləɡ | : to connect or become connected to

Come up higher!

Unconventional Plug

From Podcast, to YouTube, to LindseyLabrum.com, Lindsey Labrum has divine encounters and real life supernatural stories to share, so she set out to record these wild events with God’s Spirit and cannot wait to share with you!


Are my dreams from God, what do they mean and why do they happen? Lindsey records her dreams and God interpretations.

Lindsey Labrum Blog

When you have puzzle pieces that don’t quite fit, it must have been formed for a different set. Lindsey Labrum writes to discover how giftings fit inside of God’s plan, and wants to help you discover where your gifts can and should be used! She wants to encourage all of us to hear God whisper Come up higher!

Hearing Holy Spirit: Drip Lines

The Lord says, Tell them to keep coming. Drawing to Me is VITAL. Drip lines are typically for the dying, but mine are for the near ones. The nearer you are the more I can pour into your veins. Those who do not come will grow dry in the spirit — because I am shorteningContinue reading “Hearing Holy Spirit: Drip Lines”

Unconventional Plug Podcast

Far-out, real, eccentric stories that expose real supernatural happenings from the day to day. A Podcast where she talks about being “plugged in” supernaturally. By Lindsey Labrum and guest interviews.

There are many testimonies of sharing a word of knowledge, and it happened later prophetically!

Testimonies about telling others how God has answered their prayers, the very moment God delivered and revealed the answer.

Lindsey has also interpreted dreams and helped others understand God’s perspective.

*none of this is possible without The Holy Spirit! I (Lindsey) take ZERO credit, but point ALL THINGS to God who gives the call and request for obedience. I simply desire to serve and continue to point to HIM.