Let’s dive deep shall we?

We can choose a surface level belief, but what happens when we go deeper, when we connect to the Supernatural realm of a Supernatural God?

Growing Young

Turning 37 today. In my years as a grown adult, it has taken my adult life thus far to realize that: more is received when “the most” is surrendered. 2020 has helped me most of all to have the lens of a child.  As adults we like to tight-grip-hold our knowledge, we boast in whatContinue reading “Growing Young”

Blog: Dear Atheist,

Dear Atheist, What IF we didn’t read the Bible as the accused? What if the atheist, the agnostic, the repulsed by “religion” simply read the New Testament and GOD SPOKE to them?  What if those that are repulsed by “religion” begin to read God’s word and they feel loved by a creator God?… and ifContinue reading “Blog: Dear Atheist,”

Discover The Supernatural

What are the makeup of identity? Mom, Dad, Student, Bachelorette, Teacher. These are natural realm identity. What does God say about your identity? Daughter, Son, Prophetic, Teacher, Warrior, Disciple. Yes. What does it mean to step into His Identity?

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